Concierto de Scheherazade

Concierto de Scheherazade is inspired by the legend of Scheherazade, who survives by her magnificent storytelling. During the course of one thousand and one nights she tells stories so beautiful, and so exiting, with cliff-hangers as endings, that the Sultan has to hear the continuation, and let her live for one more night, and then one more, and a thousand more, until king Shahriyar ends up falling in love with the amazing storyteller.

In the spirit of

"Past and present, East and West. Opposites meet on a beautiful and eclectic album that is supported by a generous high-quality DVD that brims with more than two hours of material, including a fascinating road movie. The perfect introduction to an adventurous big band that deserves wide recognition."

Gaffa - Denmark (5/6 stars)

On the Road to Damascus

“On the Road to Damascus” is composed with great inspiration from a study trip to Damascus in the spring of 2010, visiting the High Institute of Music, with kind support from the Danish and Finnish Culture Institutes in Damascus, DJBFA and the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus.

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”Surely one of the most original and satisfying big band recordings of the year.”


“This is a hugely enjoyable recording full of visceral power, verve and no shortage of soul. It marks BSDnB as an original contemporary voice with an utterly progressive approach to making music. How BSDnB rehearse‒or where it get gigs‒is anybody’s guess, but any promoter with a fat wallet and 27 chairs shouldn’t think twice.”

Live sessions with Jørgen Munkeby

Don´t let the name fool you. This is not one of jazz´s ordinary big bands. Danish BSDnBBB mixes electronic sound effects with cinematic compositions and experimental jazz to create music somewhat the same style as Mike Oldfield´s. This is not easy listening, but it is different and very good.

Live Sessions with Arve Henriksen

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Studio Recordings "Vocalised"

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Blood Sweat Drum ´n´ Bass Big Band

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